Rear Naked Choke

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The Rear naked choke (RNC) is a chokehold in martial arts applied from an opponent's back that cuts off the flow of blood to the brain.

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The name “Rear Naked Choke” most likely comes from the name used in Judo for the technique, “Hadakajime” or in English “Naked Strangle”. It is called that in Judo because the choke does not make use of the uniform (gi), as other chokes do.

The rear naked choke came to mainstream notice from three primary sources. The sleeper hold became a staple of professional wrestling early in its televised history, and was easily noticed by fans of the sport. In addition, police officers are often trained in the use of the lateral vascular neck restraint. Finally, Royce Gracie used the rear naked choke in the first UFC, and it has been known to MMA fighters and fans of the sport ever since.

Two methods:

In the first method, the attacking arm is placed around an opponent’s neck so that the bicep pushes against one artery and the forearm pushes against the other. The hand of the attacking arm is then placed against the bicep of the non-attacking arm. The non-attacking arm’s hand is then placed behind the opponent’s head or neck. To complete the choke, the elbows are pressed together and the opponent’s head or neck is pushed forward.

The second method of executing a rear naked choke has many similarities to the first. The attacking arm is placed around the opponent’s neck with the bicep against one artery. The attacking arm’s radius bone or wrist bones are then pressed against the artery on the other side. The non-attacking arm then clasps the attacking arm’s hand. The choke is completed when the attacker simultaneously pulls his attacking arm together and also pushes and twists with the non-attacking arm.

How to do a rear naked choke:

To apply this attack I start in Rear Mount, controlling my opponent with the over-under grip. It's important that my bottom hand grabs my top wrist, and not the other way around.

I then grip his opposite (right) shoulder with my top (left) hand. I call this step the “tiger claw,” because my fingers are in a claw shape as they grip the back of his right shoulder.

I now pull my bottom (right) arm out from under his armpit and clasp my hands together, palm-to-palm. Note how my right forearm is pointing downwards. This makes for a very strong position because my arm is braced against his back. My opponent is still blocking the choke with his hands, which is why we go to Step number four.

With my left hand I regrip the shoulder (just like in step two). At the same time I shoot my right hand forward to knock his right hand off of my forearm, limiting his ability to block my choke. This is a quick motion, almost like a palm strike to his wrist. I don't want to push his hand slowly, or leave my hand dangling out there for him to grab.

I now return to the palm-to-palm grip from step three. Now the noose around his neck is much tighter, and his primary defense – his right hand – has been removed from my forearm. Note how my elbow is positioned directly in front of his nose. Ideally my forearm comes UNDER his jaw and not across his face or chin.

I shoot my right hand deep behind his neck and lock it into place using pressure from my own head. My left hand is on my right bicep. I squeeze down, in and up in a hooking motion under his jaw. I also stretch him out by extending my legs and arching my back to make the choke even more powerful. Carefully monitor your training partner in case he passes out before he gets a chance to tap out.
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Rear Naked Choke
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